SLUT Dubstep/Hardstyle/Tribal Dubstep Song
Pop - very different! Fusion Song
Fame (Explicit) Hip Hop - Modern Song
The Night Before-INSANE!! Dubstep Song
Clarissa's Conundrum Dubstep Song
Black Preview (OoV) Heavy Metal Song
Cycle (OathofVengeance) Heavy Metal Song
Leave Me Trance Song
A Plea For Mercy (INSTR) Heavy Metal Song
The Day Ahead (Instrmntl) Heavy Metal Song
The Dragonborn Comes COVER Dubstep Song
Murder Trance Song
Bag Daggety Heavy Metal Song
Blunt Remixed Remastered Heavy Metal Song
Unearthly Chaos REMAKE World Song
Angels REMAKE Dubstep Song
Drop REMAKE Video Game Song
Murder "Journey" Techno Song
Bug Duggety InstruMENTAL Dubstep Song
Notoriety - Remake Dubstep Song
Plastic Dreams, MP Remake Heavy Metal Song
The Morning After Remixed Hip Hop - Modern Song
Whore EXPLICIT Heavy Metal Song
A Patron Of Sinning VOX Dubstep Song
Haunt Me Lyricized Fusion Song
A Prison For Your Soul Hip Hop - Modern Song
Humans EXPLICIT Hip Hop - Modern Song
Fame TEASER Hip Hop - Modern Song
A Patron Of Sinning Dubstep Song
'Haunt Me' classicalpiece Miscellaneous Song
C_nt Super Heavy!! Dance Song
Genesis Classical Song
Big Diggety Dubstep Song
Desire DUBSTEP Dubstep Song
Toke EXPLICIT Heavy Metal Song
Unearthly Chaos Video Game Song
Masochist Video Game Song
Spinning Crust Techno Song
Sound In My Ears - Collab Miscellaneous Song
The Night Before Trance Song
Washin Masheen Techno Song
Super Endtendo Fapicom Trance Song
The Morning After Hip Hop - Modern Song
Bog Doggety Techno Song
Drop Video Game Song
Absolutecarnage Deathstep Heavy Metal Song
Crazy EXPLICIT Hip Hop - Modern Song
Yesterday Dubstep Song
Fungus Butt Techno Song
Blunt Indie Song
Aliens Abducting Africans Dubstep Song
Chauvinist Heavy Metal Song
Memorial Instrumental Dance Song
Beauty Dubstep Song
Catherine's Chastity Techno Song
Flow (EXPLICIT) Hip Hop - Modern Song